• People are tempted to count on someone as a free guide naturally. It is similar in the team work.
  • Those with less contribution always rely on the others because of the judgment as a group base.  En.. that is right, but they should think about it, what the next?
  • Team work does not like a friendship, although team sources is most likely to build such friendship. But please don’t abuse it!
  • Friendship is totally different from team work spirit.
  • For a project of team work, the judgment is not how friendly you are, but how much you have contributed to the team. The most important principle is to contribute the team before the benefits. Remember that: help yourself before you ask for help! That is the attitude, not what the hell of abilities, skills, or anything else. You may do something wrong or worse, what best for you is to never give up and catch up with others. Not, in adverse, to say that I know nothing…… and can not do anything….
  • Be careful of your response, don’t you think you are still lucky for the next time? No next time anymore….. that is the world!
  • As a team leader, the personal motivation and interaction is a big challenge. You take the response for the result, so as your members! You should make a clear objective, roles and responsibility to everyone. Forget the friendship, blame and complaint is necessary for a good team atmosphere. Identify the problems with verified facts, make analysis and conduct a mutually agreement, and find the solution to fix it.
  • that is the world, there is no choice. It is painful, but worth it.